How to keep your dental clinic running during the 2019-nCoV outbreak?

The Corona virus is spreading fast all over the world and is no longer limited to China. The Covid-19 virus that causes this disease is highly contagious and spreads through droplets. The most dangerous part is that the diseased patient may not show any signs of being infected in the initial ten days.

The scientific community is working on developing a vaccine to fight covid-19 but till then prevention is the best cure. Since the disease is communal and spreading rapidly than expected, scientists have suggested self-isolation as the best measure.

Now we all know that getting quarantine or self isolation is not possible and we need to keep our daily jobs going on. If you are in dental business things can get especially tricky, Doctors have recommended that in order to avoid Covid-19 we have to avoid touching our face and eyes, so your patients might feel a bit more worried than others if they are visiting you. Protect yourself against COVID-19 disease, you must have Face mask & Protection Products. We offer Masks, Infrared Thermometer, Protection Coverall, Gloves, Protective Safety Goggles, And So On. We support wholesale and retail, lots of stock and immediate delivery,welcome dealer order!

Here is our guide to keep your dental clinic running during the 2019-nCoV outbreak-

  • Make sure you get your clinic sanitized from the authorized sanitary services on a regular basis. This will help you to fight any potential outbreaks.

  • Install hand wash and sanitizers at all the places in your clinic and make sure your patients and coworkers make proper use of them while they enter and leave your clinic premises.

  • Place signboards on your clinic walls that indicate measures like avoiding touching of face and eyes to educate the patients about preventive measures.

  • As a dentist you must be using masks on a daily basis, but make extra effort to ensure all your coworkers and patients use them while they are in your clinic premises. You can also make the masks available free of cost for your patients to encourage their use.

  • If any of your patients are suffering from symptoms like flu or high temperature, recommend them to get tested in the nearest virology centre. You can also go an extra mile and take temperatures of patients as soon as they arrive at your clinic or before you perform a dental surgery.
  • Panic is not going to help you in this situation, so educate your coworkers, get them on board and make sure they adhere to all the preventive measures.
  • As additional precaution you can advise your patients and coworkers to take Vitamin C tablets or increase intake of elements like citrus rich fruits that increase immunity.
  • Right now increasing immunity is the only way of fighting this infection, so we recommend you to change your dietary habits. Avoid eating meat for some time, since if you are buying meat from markets where various types of meat products are getting sold and animals are stacked together, such areas are typically prone to infection. So switch to more vegetables and recommend the same to your patients.
  • Avoid booking appointments with patients that have visited the affected countries like China, Iran or Italy, or are constantly taking international flights.
  • If you frequently cater to international patients, check the opportunity where you can postpone their appointments or convince them to visit later if it's not that urgent.
  • Disinfect your dental apparatus and tools every time you perform a dental surgery.
  • Avoid shaking hands with your coworkers or the patients and greet them without touching.
  • Advise your patients and coworkers to have bath with disinfecting liquids like Dettol every time they return home.
  • In order to avoid droplet infection suggest everyone who is suffering from normal cough and cold to make use of tissues and dispose of them after each use.
  • Avoid community gatherings like celebrations and parties and recommend your patients and coworkers to do the same.
  • Avoid travelling overseas or to international airports, and recommend the same to patients and coworkers.
  • If at all you end up coming in contact with anyone who is suffering from coronavirus, get your clinic closed down. Isolate yourself and recommend everyone else who was potentially in contact with that person to get quarantine and inform the local officials incharge.
  • Avoid spread of rumours and misinformation, that can lead to panic and wont work in favour of your dental business. Remember normal flu is highly common and should not be mistook for a covid-19 infection.