Dental products upgrade without price up!

Thank you for the support of Treedental all the time. Our team dips into the whole dental industry to create a full line of high-quality dental products. We do thorough research, product testing to ensure that every product we sell meets quality standards.

Now Our product upgrades without price up! Check what are upgrade!

TR-DTS07 Manual Control Dental Teaching System

Manual Control Dental Teaching System Upgraded

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Upgraded LED Light and one more Handpiece Holder!

Upgrade: LED light. Have inductive switch and manual switch. Stepless dimming. Make the brightness more uniform and better shadowless effect.

Old: Halogen Lamp. Only manual switch. Two-stage: Strong light and Soft light. Poor shadowless effect.

Upgrade: 2 sets Handpiece Holder. Closer to actual operation, easy to teaching.

Old: 1 set Handpiece Holder.

TR-YP606D4 1000W Extraoral Suction Unit


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Upgraded The DC Motor!

Upgrade: DC motor without brush, Two-year warranty, Low noise.

Old: DC motor with brush, One-year warranty. The brush needs to be replaced after use 2-3 months.

TR-PHX02 Portable Digital Dental X-Ray Machine


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Upgraded The LCD and Tube Voltage!


Upgrade: Larger LCD screen and 65KV tube voltage. Conducive to clearer imaging.

Old: Digital screen and 60KV tube voltage.

TR-DAP02 4 Hole Dental Alumina Air Abrasion Polisher


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Upgraded The Water Outlet Pipe!


Upgrade: The handpiece head is fixed, makes a good airtightness. Has a water outlet pipe to avoid powder splashing.

Old: The handpiece head is detachable, the airtightness not good. No water outlet pipe, the powder easy to splash.

TR-813 Swing-out Armrests Dental Operator Stool


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Upgraded The armrest to leather!


Upgrade: Leather padded armrest, so as to improve the comfort of doctors during the operation.

Old: Plastic armrest. Comfort is not as good as leather.

TR-HSH06 Led Generator Dental Handpiece


US$100.00 SHOP NOW

Upgraded The LED Light and Water Filter!


Upgrade:  5 LED With Unique Electric Generator Self-illumination Without Connecting Circuit. One of the lights is broken, it will not affect the work of the other four lights.

Old: One of the LED lights is broken, the other four lights can't be work.


Upgrade: Have a water filter and check valve.
1. The water filter can prevent fine particles and impurities in the water source from entering the water supply piping and obstructing the water supply piping system.
2. The check valve is set in the quick insertion interface to prevent the pollutant in the mouth from being brought into the water supply pipeline when the dental handpiece stops working. It can prevent cross-infection.

Old: No water filter and check valve.