Dental Extraoral Suction Unit Upgraded

Thanks for supporting Treedental as always! As the effect of the COVID-19 continues, the Dental Extraoral Suction Unit is more and more popular in dentist clinics. When you open the Dental External Oral Suction, it can effectively capture the aerosol emerging from the mouth of the patient consists of splashes of the spray mist rebound and droplets containing cooling water, saliva, blood, microorganisms, bacterias, and viruses. Reduce the risk of viral infections in dental clinics. In order to improve customer experience, we upgraded our Extraoral Suction Unit suction hood! 

Let's check the upgraded detail as follow.

Upgraded Wide-mouth suction hood!


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Lastest: Arc shape, equip with filter.
1. The upgraded suction hood is better to fit the shape of the patient's face while being friendly to the doctor's operation.
2. The upgraded suction hood add an air intake filter to prevent larger particles from being sucked into the machine body.
3. Natural fluid modeling combined with strong suction power, more smooth formation of negative pressure drainage to ensure the suction effect. The suction efficiency can reach 97%.

Old: Trumpet-shaped, have no filter.

Latest: There are fixing bolts on the dust suction hood and fixing bolts on the first suction arm. Easier to install, no auxiliary tools required. User-friendly, more stable and not falling.

Old: No fixing bolt.